F.I.N.A srl, founded in 1918 and situated in Germignaga in the province of Varese, produces ribbons and affiliated items. All started when the grandfather of the current owner revived the use of some old wooden machinery that were destined for retirement. As time passed and the number of machinery was increased and diverse number of ribbons for all kinds of use were made, in particularly twin and satin ribbons for the field of brassiere and underwear, where they gained, in a short period, recognition with other producers and wholesalers.

In 1953 a number of machines were purchased enabling the attaching of hooks and eyes directly to ribbons. These new lines became the ‚€œ Most successful ‚€Ě for the company to achieve the ‚€œleadership‚€Ě in the market of corsetry. A vast production including twin and satin ribbons loom made, making bias ribbons, wire casing and girdles stiffening protect.

This kind of machine made tremendous strides helped by the technological revolution and by the evolution of fashion and in particularly with corsetry and underwear more in vogue.

F.I.N.A. with its greater technical performances, has managed to stay head of the requirements of its clients. In 1975 F.I.N.A. was one of the first companies to install machinery able to produce ultrasonic cut hooks and eyes tapes, relieving the manufacturers from the burden of attaching hooks to brassiere. Nowadays the level of automation of these machines is very high and F.I.N.A. is the only company in Italy and one of the most important in Europe that can produce these lines.

We produce ribbons and hook and eye tapes ready for application, hundreds of types and colours according to customer requirements, addressing brend intimate high-end as La Perla, Pompea, Calzedonia, Parah, Triumph and leading fashion as Emilio Pucci, D & G., Armani, Luis Vuitton.

F.I.N.A. engages in the development and preservation of the Made in Italy and seeks to maintain and preserve the quality of the product that has distinguished itself over the years.

The materials are all complying with Oekotex certification and protocols Reach.

Sede F.I.N.A. S.R.L.